Written by: Matrix360 Team 

Mentorship is a fundamental strategy for growth and development for any individual. Every person has experienced a positive mentoring relationship at some point in their life. Whether it be guidance from an older sibling or knowledge from an experienced teacher, mentoring can help you to realize potential you didn’t even know you had. Studies show that mentees are promoted five times more often than those who do not participate in a mentoring program. In addition, retention rates are 20% higher for mentors and 22% higher for mentees than those not in a mentoring program. Mentoring programs act as a gateway to new learning opportunities and give access to tools essential for career advancement and success.

The mentoring relationship is a two-way, mutually-beneficial exchange of knowledge, expertise and experience. Along with the personal satisfaction and fulfillment that a mentor receives from a mentoring relationship, there are many other aspects that provide tangible benefits to the mentor. Mentors are recognized as being influential leaders and role models to their mentees and peers because of their commitment to share their wisdom. Mentors guide individuals to enhance their personal development, through increased confidence and amplified communication skills.

Mentoring also provides an opportunity for mentors to self-reflect on their own goals and practices and establish a sense of direction. Lastly, being a mentor allows individuals to be exposed to fresh ideas, perspectives and approaches to various subject matter. Whether you are on the giving or receiving end of a mentoring relationship, there is much to learn in order to develop your personal skills and take your career forward.

Building The Next Wave of Leadership

In order to fill the gap of accessibility to more mentorship opportunities available to professionals, Matrix360 has designed the ELEVATE Mentorship Program. In 2019, CAUFP and Matrix360 have delivered the STAR Leadership Program which focuses on cross-training mid-career, high potential employees on key leadership competencies through one-on-one mentoring from senior-level professionals. The program was administered last year and was highly appreciated by both mentors and mentees alike.

Lisa Lewis Miller, Director of Client Interaction & Decision Management at RBC, was extremely satisfied with the STAR Leadership Program after having served as a mentor.

“The program gave me the opportunity to meet a fantastic young lady who I would not have met otherwise. My advice to mentees would be to stay persistent with your goals and not get discouraged easily. Keep meeting people. Continue to put yourself out there for new opportunities. Share your vision with as many people as possible!”

Another mentor Jackie Kankam, Manager of Environment Sustainability at Air Canada shared her positive experience of mentoring in the program.

“It felt good for me to connect with someone and self-reflect on certain aspects of my career. Sometimes the simplest exercise of discussing my mentee’s problems helped me to reflect on my own issues and/or conflicts that I faced at work”.

Many of the mentees who took part in our program had similar learning experiences to share. Tamara Wood, a trader, mentioned that:

“As a result of my participation in the program, I am now more out-going and willing to explore other options to achieve my goals. I believe communicating and surrounding myself with forward thinkers has helped me to become a more strategic thinker”.

A mentee named Halima Abshir, Project Control Officer- Associate at RBC, expressed that:

“The best attribute about my mentor was their willingness to go above and beyond my expectations in order to help me in the best way possible”.

Application Ready

The second cohort for The STAR Leadership program is back for 2020! The program will consist of ongoing one-on-one interaction with professionals, networking and formalized professional development workshops where participants have the opportunity to learn and knowledge share with each other. We encourage you to take part in this program for a rewarding experience and to help develop a culture of personal and professional growth. Registration opens on January 20, 2020. Space is limited and spots fill up fast so register as soon as possible! To get more information or for any questions, please connect with us at mentorship@matrix360.ca.