Careers+ is an asset to your professional development. Our tenure has allowed us to develop a series of workshops and consultation services that address the needs of your career development. Our workshops provide you the tools you require to elevate your professional career in your field. Experience training built on a foundation of industry wisdom, lived experiences and talent management insights that will translate your past work behaviour into tangible assets.

Our team is trained and knowledgeable in Canada’s talent management processes and practices that will guide you to unlock your success.



Develop employees’ practical understanding of cultivated behaviours and enhance ability to unlearn those that are hindering them reaching their maximum potential personally and professionally. This interactive session spotlights blind spots that contribute to unproductive behaviours and uncovers helpful insights to overcome them. A how-to focused approach incorporates the neuroscience of leadership, and establishes a baseline strategy on cognitive factors, to engage, mobilize and energize people.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the unproductive behaviours that impede success and learn practical strategies to overcome them
  • Learn how to build and create more collaborative processes for improved team performance
  • Elevate understanding for decision making and problem solving
  • Understand impact of emotions and leveraging EI to improve productivity and relationships

Increase innovation, alignment to vision, and overall productivity by refining employees’ leadership communication. This workshop focuses on developing a fundamental understanding of effective communication and introduces methods and techniques leaders can incorporate into their day to day operations to communicate more effectively to improve their team’s functionality, dynamic, and culture. Studies show that companies with highly effective internal communication strategies demonstrated by leadership result in 47% higher returns than companies with poor internal strategies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Unpacking what communication is and dissecting healthy versus unhealthy communication
  • Understanding connection of communication to leadership traits and behavioural patterns that influence the workplace
  • Leveraging the impact of effective communication on workplace culture and internal team dynamics
  • Gain practical tools for effective communication related to: gaining respect, increasing productivity, people management and navigating difficult conversations

Develop a better understanding the fundamentals of creating and enhancing an employees’ personal brand to advance in their career. Participants gain practical knowledge for how to create a professional profile that conveys their story for optimizing opportunities to advance internally. Participants develop firsthand understanding about qualities hiring managers seek in top talent, factors that capture the attention of hiring managers reviewing a resume, preparing for tricky interview questions, and leveraging digital tools and social media to build a professional profile of excellence. This interactive and informative workshop includes roundtable discussions, interview best practices knowledge, and an opportunity for professional one-on-one resume feedback.

Learning Objectives:

  • Answer burning questions about the dynamics of hiring and what makes profiles stand out in the eyes of hiring managers
  • Unpack strategies for better resume writing and interviewing to capture employees’ personal story more effectively
  • Learn tips and tools for communicating professional story to better prepare for internal advancement opportunities and leave a noteworthy impression

This session is focused on building competencies for employees writing their resume and cover letter for internal advancement opportunities. This session is designed as a one-stop workshop that captures best practices, insights, and practical tips focused on giving participants the abilities to take their resume and cover letter to the next level.  Develops employees’ resume and cover letter writing confidence through discussion, activities, and worksheets for interactive learning.

Learning Objectives:

  • Focus on resume writing best practices developed through decades of insights from working with hiring managers and their teams
  • Increase attractiveness of employees’ resume and cover letter for internal opportunities
  • Develop fundamental understanding of how to get a foot in the door and leave a noteworthy impression

This workshop teaches the essential components of effective communication in the workplace at all levels. The average work day contains many day-to-day encounters between employees and teams, and having a strong grasp on effective communication best practices helps ensure these interactions are productive and contribute to positive team development and productive outcomes. The session’s lecture is combined with hands on activities and group breakout sessions that will give participants the confidence they require to improve verbal and written communication as well as their body language.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the interconnectedness and impact of written, verbal, and non-verbal communication
  • Leverage communication best practices to concisely convey information and optimize team dynamics
  • Learn strategies to increase productivity and positive outcomes for a variety of day-to-day scenarios to take communication skills to the next level

Optional Value-Add: Everything DiSC™ Assessments Available

  • Systematic personality assessment tool to increase participant self-knowledge and explore behaviours to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication

The importance of networking is increased in an ever-connected workplace. Employees who are able to generate strong connections with their peers and leaders are positioned to be champions of the organization’s goals. This workshop will provide a thorough insight and practical tips surrounding the importance of networking, which approaches are the most successful, and how to create mutual benefits. This information session is designed for employees to develop practical tools to set them apart from the crowd so that they are able to successfully advance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Elevate skills and approaches to networking in various workplace scenarios
  • Develop employee networking confidence and drive to create positive connections
  • Increase number and quality of strong connections generated among leaders, ERG groups, and team members

The key to unlocking the power of a diverse workforce lies in employees bringing an inclusive mindset to work, each and every day. This workshop will provide the tools required to better inform employees on diversity and inclusion at work so that they are in turn better able to explore, inspire, and engage other team members. The lecture, video clips, and interactive skill-building activities develop employees’ strategies and tools for promoting an inclusive and equitable work environment for the benefit of all.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn strategies to promote inclusive thinking in day-to-day interactions and dynamics
  • Build knowledge base on the impact of diversity on the workplace and how to foster an inclusive environment where differences are celebrated
  • Develop greater understanding of lived experiences to create more champions of diversity within teams


If you are tired of fly-by-night resume building companies that pump out nothing short of generic resumes, sit down with a Matrix360 Consultant to revise or build your resume. Our face-to-face approach and continual support will surely get you the resume that you require. Expect a stellar resume in as little as 48 hours!

Let a Matrix360 Consultant determine whether your resume can withstand the 10 second test and receive a meaningful 45 minute critique. Please note that this session is not designed to teach you how to write an effective resume. Rather, it provides suggestions for improvement and is a great supplement for the Resume and Cover Letter Workshop.

Sit down one-on-one with a Matrix360 Consultant and prepare for your next interview, the best way possible. This is a great addition to the Interview Skills and Tips Workshop. This 90 minutes meeting will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the process, each party’s expectations, what to emphasize, and what to avoid during interviews.

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