Leaders are accountable for the ongoing success of business and people strategies within the workplace. At Matrix360, we apply a rigorous human-centered design approach to understand business needs. We collaborate with business leaders to align strategy and corporate vision, and to help translate those tenets to the everyday activities of employees. We create progressive experiential, educational and impactful programs that focus, elevate and engage professionals to reach their full potential.

We partner with leaders to increase purpose and inspiration for every individual, every day. Our mandate is targeted to achieve corporate excellence and build stronger businesses.
We listen to, measure and evaluate the impact of learning that drive business results through our analytics of data we collect.


Invest in your employees leveraging Matrix expertise

Increase your employee engagement

Attract, retain, and advance talent levels

Increase business productivity and elevate your brand

Drawing on our expertise in talent management, community engagement, and workplace design, Matrix360 has created customized, action-oriented educational services. Our expertise includes:

Each customized solution is tailored and delivered with services that include but are not limited to the evaluation, design, re-design, and co-creation of policies, programs and workshops.

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