Leaders are accountable for the ongoing success of organizational and people strategies within the workplace. At Matrix360, we apply a rigorous human-centered design approach to understand business needs. We collaborate with leaders to align business strategy and corporate vision, and to help translate those tenets to the everyday activities of employees. We create progressive experiential, educational and impactful programs that focus, elevate and lead professionals to positive workplace behavior change.

We partner with leaders to increase purpose and inspiration for every individual, every day. Our mandate is targeted to achieve corporate excellence and build stronger organizations.
We listen to, measure and evaluate the impact of learning that drive business results through our analytics of data we collect.

Drawing on our expertise in talent management, community engagement, and workplace design, Matrix360 has created customized, action-oriented educational services. Our expertise includes:

Mentorship and Sponsorship

A specialized three-tiered mentorship program with guided talent development opportunities: to address critical factors in people dynamics while best equipping employees and leaders with the tools to help reach their true potential. Please click here to view our Mentorship page.

Internship: Talent Connectivity

Shaping the future wave of talent with less than 2 years of real estate business experience through a unique externally managed program designed specifically to optimize the human experience in the process. Please click here to view our Internship: Talent Connectivity page.

Career Development: Careers+

Tailored strategies for success, practical tools for advancement, and knowledge based learning for developing a better understanding of how to navigate a career journey as a modern professional.

Boardroom Development Series

Development of internal strategies for increasing cross-functional competency at the boardroom level, and advancing the sustainable development of business for the today and future. Participants will learn practical insights, and skills to prepare for board opportunities.

Leadership Advancement Series

Leadership learning from a systematic lens;  through the creation and facilitation of programming to equip current and future leaders with the tools, mindset and strategies needed for success in an ever-changing environment.

Matrix Real Talks Series

An inspirational information-sharing platform positioned to create solutions-driven dialogues with real estate professionals and leaders. These real conversations, channeled in an intimate environment, are created to explore pertinent issues in the industry. Please click here to view our Matrix Real Talks Series page.

Each customized solution is tailored and delivered with services that include but are not limited to the evaluation, design, re-design, and co-creation of policies, programs and workshops.

To learn more, please contact us.