People are the core asset to any organization – large or small. With the shift in demographics, globalization, technology and endless competition, it is imperative that business leaders recognize the importance and the value of people.

At Matrix360, our team will evaluate, develop and implement a strategic talent management system to best suit your organization’s unique requirements. We have developed the Matrix: Platinum Advantage where we pair you exclusively with one of our Talent & Engagement Managers who will customize an innovative plan to achieve your success seamlessly.

Our specialized team has a clearly defined mandate – to strategically and professionally connect talent with opportunities in real estate and corporate Canada. With over eighteen successful years, we have refined our people centric approach which ensures that we evaluate the unique nature of the individual and the key dynamics of each client. We begin by tapping into our broad base of knowledge cultivated from our vast experience, connecting people to ideas and ideas to people. From this platform of intelligence, we connect business to talent and talent to business, ultimately enabling us to provide dynamic solutions for talent management requirements.


Access to over 18 years of expertise in CRED talent

Systematically connect the best of the best to your business

Enhance your business’ competitive advantage and sustainability

Through our experience and deep industry knowledge, Matrix360 partners with leaders to build and enhance high-performing teams who create positive impact and results in business. Our focus covers:

Matrix360 remains true to our industry areas of expertise which include: