Diversified+ Executive Search™ leverages proven strategies to source diverse talent for your corporate leadership teams and board of directors. Our process goes beyond customary channels to find innovators who are experienced with strengthening your core business. We understand that a commitment to diversity and equity is elemental to growth, prosperity and your competitive advantage.

Businesses that embed inclusion strategies in their framework have stronger financial performance and provide greater shareholder value in conjunction with higher employee engagement.


We partner with you to understand your strategy and hiring requirements.  Our focus is to assist you to identify the position profile, selection criteria and key business success factors. This involves formal stakeholder meetings and in-depth conversations with the hiring team.
Our Senior Partner will curate the scope and develop the search strategy. We formalize the profile criteria and the key business success factors to formalize the framework. Timelines are confirmed with a formal executive brief that is shared with all stakeholders.

Matrix360 will systematically develop a customized roadmap to attract high potential candidates, customized research to uncover the hidden talent from our extensive national database to reach the broadest candidates possible.

With our intensive research, Diverse+ Report will deliver an action plan to manage a strategic area of your business success, benchmark your internal talent against the market, inform you who is behind your competitors’ innovation, insights on your competitors’ structures and their best leaders. Diverse+ Report will allow you the opportunity to understand the market scope to make an informed decision on how to mover forward.

During the candidate identification process, we continue to assess candidates in-person internally to qualify potential talent. A shortlist of candidate profiles is formalized and delivered to you for your evaluation. In-person interviews are scheduled and conducted. Our Senior Partner will continue to partner with you to understand your perspective for the perfect fit for your team and finalize the right talent for your business.

We work closely with you to facilitate your selection of finalists, provide formal psychometric assessments, conduct in-depth reference checks and support the negotiation process. After a series of interviews, discussion, and consideration of external references, we support you with your selection of the preferred candidate and the process of compensation and offer negotiation will commence. Our focus remains fixated: to finalize the synergy between the chosen talent and you.