Seventeen years of excellence in talent search across Canada has set the stage for the evolution of Matrix Search in 2018. The pulse of our mission has always been about authentic relationships, a commitment to integrity, and trust. With a successful track record of building and expanding the real estate and development landscape for diverse and inclusive teams, the experience and wisdom we have gained has elevated us to formally expand our platform with the birth of Matrix360. Matrix360 is an advisory platform that bridges the human experience with business innovation in the real estate and development industry across Canada.

Irrevocably our mission remains solid: to elevate a new tone for business, with a global and inclusive mindset. Our passion is to build sustainable and successful organizations that foster inclusive workplaces where people embrace their differences: gender, ethnicity, race, orientation, age, abilities, education and all backgrounds.

Our vehicles of search & talent management, workplace strategy & design, diversity & inclusion, and learning & development solidify us as trusted advisors to many businesses – large and small. We partner with business leaders for the alignment of human performance with positive organizational results.

Our extensive experience in talent search and community engagement solidifies our knowledge, drive and execution that connect human potential with business success. We are centered on the achievement of greater care in business where people are the core element.

Our platform is built on tailored people strategies that are steeled to accelerate purposeful growth – solutions that unlock the capabilities that drive individual, team and organizational performance. We believe this growth is achieved through an intentional focus on diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging.

Our Principles and Values are founded on:


Recognition of admiration for an individual’s abilities, qualities and being


To understand and maintain consistency of ownership towards an objective


Demonstrate positive relations wholeheartedly


The ability to actively listen with an objective lens


To embrace a core of logical thought and direction


To communicate openly and honestly


To appreciate the integrity of the individual


A mindset that is genuine and approachable


Unconditional dedication and focus


The quality of authentic and real behavior without any barriers


Cultivate creativity wholeheartedly with smiles and non-judgement