Matrix360 is an advocate and partner for diversity and inclusion in Canada. We partner with business to design diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging strategies, consult and advise on execution, and train leaders and their teams. Our focus is to systematically empower businesses to leverage and embrace differences to be more inclusive, innovative and successful.

Our strategy is to advance businesses from diversity and inclusion compliance to effective engagement strategies that produce measurable impact. We collaborate with businesses at all levels to create and foster an environment where individuals are able to learn, develop and advance their authenticity in the workplace. We partner with business leaders to embed an inclusive lens into business systems and processes.


Customized, actionable tools and solutions for people performance

Achievable, actionable, and measurable tools and programs for long-term impact for your business

Advance and elevate sustainability and success of your business

Drawing on our expertise in talent management, community engagement, and workplace design, Matrix360 has created customized, action-oriented educational services. Our expertise includes:

Each customized solution is tailored and delivered with services that include but are not limited to the evaluation, design, re-design, and co-creation of policies, programs and workshops.

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