Matrix360 is an advocate and partner for diversity and inclusion in Canada. We partner with business to design diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging strategies, consult and advise on execution, and train leaders and their teams. Our focus is to systematically empower businesses to leverage and embrace differences to be more inclusive, innovative and successful.

Our strategy is to advance businesses from diversity and inclusion compliance to effective engagement strategies that produce measurable impact. We collaborate with businesses at all levels to create and foster an environment where individuals are able to learn, develop and advance their authenticity in the workplace. We partner with business leaders to embed an inclusive lens into business systems and processes.


Customized, actionable tools and solutions for people performance

Achievable, actionable, and measurable tools and programs for long-term impact for your business

Advance and elevate sustainability and success of your business

Drawing on our expertise in talent management, community engagement, and workplace design, Matrix360 has created customized, action-oriented educational services. Our expertise includes:

Diversity 101

Reinforcing the fundamental principles with diversity & inclusion training to lay the foundation for more inclusive mindset.

Cultural Competence, Diversity & Inclusion Learning

Equipping teams with the knowledge and competencies to shape an environment that is inclusive, communicative, and supportive in terms of the individual differences that contribute to business success.

Explicit and Implicit Bias Awareness

Structured learning for uncovering and understanding implicit and explicit biases, stereotypes, and how team dynamics impact team formation or hiring decisions. A unique approach to promote inclusive workplace culture and an environment supportive of a diverse group of high-performing professionals.

Workplace Dynamics

Ensuring a strong, clear link between corporate vision, leadership direction, and employees is key to capturing the true value of people. A sense of belonging is created when employee engagement is looked at in a pragmatic lens and approached with intent. Create an environment of Understanding workplace dynamics and how it relates to business.

Leadership Development

Organizational culture, employee engagement and innovation are a direct product of the environment created by leaders. Enhance your organization’s leadership effectiveness with strategies and tools to incorporate inclusive business practices into day-to-day activities.

Women's Advancement Series

Developing an industry-wide understanding of the factors and variables for success specifically tailored to the advancement of women, in order to achieve a more diverse workforce and equitable access to opportunity.

Talent Management and Search

Capturing the true value of people in organizations is a critical element of our collaborative relationships. Incorporate a lens of inclusion to leverage existing skills, unlock new opportunities and ensure your talent is managed, nurtured, and retained effectively.

Diverse Boardroom Learning Series

Concrete strategies and competencies to increase boardroom diversity as a means to increase shareholder value and business output. Advancing boardroom capabilities through inclusive thinking.

Gender & Anti-Harassment

Exploring and strengthening the factors that contribute to a robust and safe work environment, and generating awareness of what is and is not acceptable in the workplace.

Mental Health Literacy

Investing in the wellness of people through various customizable programs and guided learning to help increase employees and leaders better understand factors affecting health, well-being, and happiness, ultimately ensuring a more engaged and connected team with lower opportunity costs.

The Art of Communication

Improving the ability of teams to communicate openly, receive feedback, and implement changes through a lens of inclusion and empathy.

Inclusivity Assessment Compliance

Connecting external research with internal metrics; supplementary insight used as a resource to reinforce the development of inclusion strategy. A pragmatic approach to understanding diversity and dynamics of internal teams and how to maintain sustainable inclusive business practices.

Each customized solution is tailored and delivered with services that include but are not limited to the evaluation, design, re-design, and co-creation of policies, programs and workshops.

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