With two decades of Search and Talent Management experience, we understand the intricacies and uniqueness of the commercial real estate and development industry.

Our team at Matrix360 uses a people-centric approach to capture the distinguishing characteristics of each individual and the key dynamics of each client to evaluate and execute a seamless connection.

An extensive network and reach, combined with a proprietary innovative and custom process, allows us to meet ever-changing needs amid shifts in demographics, globalization, and competition that emphasizes the value of people more than ever before. Ultimately, this enables us to provide you with dynamic solutions for talent management requirements.


Our specialized team has a clearly defined mandate – to strategically and professionally connect business to talent and talent to business. We partner with you to systematically identify, attract and retain the best talent for your workplace.

Needs and Strategic Planning
Matrix will design a clear and concise strategic plan of action. We ensure a client driven process from start to finish
Identifying Solutions: Candidate Evaluation
Guided by this clear understanding of your needs, the Matrix team will use our vast recruitment knowledge and expertise to identify the best professional talent with your mandate.

Identifying Solutions: Client Evaluation
After the initial evaluation of potential talent professionals, the Talent & Engagement Managers will forward the most appropriate list of potential talent

The Final Advantage
With the focus being the synergy between the client and the qualified talent; Matrix will continue to provide expert guidance in creation and maintenance of this relationship.