Written by: Matrix360

Life is what you make it, and you have the inner power to push forward, especially when you believe that all things are possible. Simone Campbell Loumankis is a leader who we have identified as a person who continues to push boundaries and showcase that a commitment to excellence in everything you do is the essence to success.

Simone is an accomplished senior commercial real estate leader who is committed to tapping into her authentic, positive-minded spirit in all areas of business, to build and inspire teams.

Simone Campbell Loumankis, Senior Commercial Real Estate Leader

Where are you from and what is your cultural background? 

I am a multi-generational Black Canadian born and raised in Toronto. My father is from Nova Scotia and his people on one side were black loyalists who arrived in Nova Scotia in the late 1700’s and on the other side from Barbados who came in the 1800’s. My mother was from Latvia and immigrated to Canada in the 50’s and first lived in Thunder Bay.

What inspired you to work in the field that you are today?

My first boss and mentor. He allowed me to be uniquely myself, shone a light on my strengths and helped me improve my weaknesses. He opened up opportunities and showed me how to take hold of them.

What was your career vision when you first started your career journey?

Looking back, I realize I did not start by charting a conscious path but thankfully have created a fulfilling career.

Were you aware of the commercial real estate and development industry as a career option for you?

Not at all. I was studying Biological Science in university and planned to be a dentist. Happenstance was how I ended up in real estate and self realization is what kept me.

When was the first time in your life when you realized that you had the power to change or to do something meaningful?

When I became a parent.

What are some of the struggles you faced throughout your career and/or life journey that you would like to highlight?

The lack of knowledge and education of Black Canadian history is a source of many of the common, unconscious biases and microaggressions that I encounter in daily life. More than a struggle, it is deeply frustrating and hurtful.

Thinking more critically is so important in the times we live in. If you could go back in time, what piece of leadership advice would you give to yourself that you know now?

  1. Slow down and be quiet.
  2. Youth is not wasted on the young.

Did you have any role models/mentors that have shaped your career?

Yes, yes and yes. One business leader who I referred to earlier as my first boss, and two personal mentors; my mother and her best friend. Women in business who made their own way had a positive impact on people and remained their genuine selves.

What is your mantra/ words of inspiration? 

Eric Hoffer an American social philosopher wrote: “In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” These words inspire me to continue to learn, be open to diverse thoughts, ideas, and opinions, and embrace the ever-evolving world and its people.

Inner strength and knowledge are powerful tools to possess. Simone is a leader who learned at an early age that tapping into your strengths, through exploration and curiosity, will start you on your path to success. Despite the misperceptions and microaggressions that exists in society, Simone’s determination to move forward shows us that anything is possible. Her strength as a leader who is a woman of colour continues to inspire us and we salute you Simone!