Talent Connectivity is a premiere internship experience program that is intentionally designed to provide recent graduates and newcomers the opportunity to gain knowledge, experience, and skillsets while having a positive impact on the real estate and development industry and talent pipeline.

Our goals are to provide solutions that bridge theoretical knowledge with practical experience between the NXT Wave of talent and the commercial real estate and development industry. In conjunction, our program will contribute to the way businesses operate as it has the potential to improve overall team performance, positively impact quality, and efficiencies to reduce recruitment, training and turnover costs.

Talent Connectivity’s results are focused on four areas:

Build a network of leadership and knowledge that will inspire the leaders of tomorrow to aspire for success and gain valuable skills for the future

Increase the exposure of emerging leaders to the Canadian Real Estate Industry

Provide real opportunity for real estate firms to develop their talent force and provide an externally managed pipeline of talented professionals and emerging leaders
Create an alliance with real estate firms to encourage and build successful relationships with its internal framework focused on leadership, training, retention of talent and an increase in productivity


Why It Matters

  • 54% of bachelor degree holders under the age of 25 were jobless or underemployed – the highest share since over a decade (Source)
  • In a current economic environment where the unemployment rate is less than 7% on a national level, the national rate for the age under 25 is more than double to 17% (Source)
  • 70% of all interns are hired on a fulltime basis (Source)
  • 51% of employers are focused on relevant internship experience to find the best fit for their companies (Source)
  • 81% of employers have found that new hires with relevant internship experience are better prepared than those without internships (Source)