Our Specialized Process

At Matrix360, our Talent Associates will evaluate and implement a strategic recruitment plan to best suit your organization’s unique requirements. We have developed the Matrix: Platinum Advantage where we will pair you exclusively with one of our Talent Associates who will customize an innovative plan to achieve your mandate seamlessly.

Phase I: Needs Analysis and Strategic Planning

Matrix will design a clear and concise strategic plan of action. We ensure a client driven process from start to finish. We start with an extensive investigation; evaluating your current situation and organizational requirements. We then recommend optimal strategies, supported by recruitment models and critical paths to fulfill your recruitment needs.

Phase II: Identifying Solutions - Candidate Evaluation

Guided by this clear understanding of your needs, the Matrix team will use our vast recruitment knowledge and expertise to identify the best professional talent which would be in line with your mandate. We go to great lengths to proactively identify and evaluate potential talent and customize our search methodologies in order to obtain a successful match to suit your unique needs.

We proactively search through referrals, professional associations, networking, partnerships with business schools, our targeted recruitment, and direct search methods. We are constantly adding to our pool of talent. We provide customized research and detailed reports on our search throughout the process.

Step One:  Prescreening of Talent

We evaluate all resumes with a keen eye for the following features: gaps in work experience, grammar, educational background, the structure, and layout. We contact qualified talent based on search requirements to schedule an in-person interview.

Step Two: Skills Assessment of Talent

Talented professional candidates are assessed to determine their skill level – the particular skills evaluated will vary depending on the requirements of our client. A detailed outline of the skill assessment methodology is provided upon request.

Step Three: Behavioral Base Interview

Potential talented professionals will go through a thorough assessment with one of our Talent  Associates. The primary focus of this interview is to determine pertinent behavioural patterns that will influence a potential talent’s future performance within a specific business or industry. Matrix believes it is of the utmost importance to evaluate the reasons for potential talents to seek other opportunities. We believe an area that must be thoroughly examined is counteroffers, in order to achieve positive results.

Step Four: Talent Reference Report

Talents are encouraged to provide a minimum of three (3) professional work related references. Further, educational, criminal and credit references are completed to confirm the potential talents’ qualifications and credibility. Details from the interview process are confirmed. In addition, over 20 other aspects of job performance are reviewed.

Once this information is collected, a reference report is produced and is delivered to the client.

Phase III: Identifying Solutions – Client Evaluation

After the initial evaluation of potential talented professionals, the Talent Associate will forward the most appropriate list of potential talent. A detailed report will follow that will outline the key skills and attributes that qualify the talents for the position(s) in concern. Interviews with the client are organized through Matrix.

Step Five:  Prepare and provide a synopsis of the talent’s background and professional synopsis

The Talent Associate will provide a written and/or verbal report of the assessment of the talent.  This report will consist of the talent’s strengths and/or areas of improvement. We will also provide our professional opinion regarding the talent’s suitability for the particular position.

Step Six: Coordinate Interviews

The client and Talent Associate will outline the interview process, detailing the best available times and the length of the interview with the talent. All interviews will be coordinated through Matrix.

Step Seven: Evaluate Interview outcome with Talent and Client

The Talent Associate will discuss the outcome of the interview(s) between the talent and the client by providing professional guidance in order to facilitate the decision-making process.

Step Eight: Decision-making Process:  Working with Client to finalize hiring process by providing professional opinion and all required information

The Talent Associate and the client will discuss the final process in-depth.  Reference reports, assessment results and any other pertinent information are provided to ensure an ideal match from both the client’s and talent’s perspective. All steps will be reviewed in order to ensure a successful match.

Phase IV: The Final Advantage

With the focus being the synergy between the client and the qualified talent; Matrix will continue to provide expert guidance in the creation and maintenance of this relationship. We work exclusively for the client to ensure maximum cost-savings and the on-going success of the company.

Step Nine: Offer of Employment extended to Talent from Client

The client will provide Matrix with a written offer of employment for presentation to the talented professional.  A Talent Associate will then present and discuss the offer with the successful talented professional. The accepted offer of employment will then be returned to the client, at which time our search assignment is complete.

Step Ten:  Follow-up with Talent and Client in 30 days to ensure your organization’s satisfaction

Matrix prides our self on our effective follow-up program.  This ensures a positive and ongoing business relationship with our clients and talent professionals.