MatrixVentures, is a newly formed program to intentionally expand the supplier diversity for BIPOC owned SMEs in the CRED industry. We strongly believe that one of the key ingredients to combat the inequities in society is through business. The CRED industry has a window of opportunity to expand and influence the growth of BIPOC and diverse owned SMEs through a purposeful externally managed and executed program.



  • Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the Canadian economy (Source)
  • According to the government of Canada, SMEs employ 89.6% of the private sector workforce. (Source)
  • BIPOC have created SMEs at a rate 1.5 times faster than white-owned SMEs since 1997. (Source)
  • Data stipulates that Supplier diversity programs to include BIPOC SMEs are slow and often do not have sufficient access to grow their businesses. (Source)
  • Supplier diversity programs offer SMEs owned by BIPOC individuals and diverse groups the opportunity to grow through access to new or expanding supply chains. (Source)

Program participants build mutually beneficial relationships that create more options and more opportunities, through an intersectional lens. We help build sustainability in supply chains by providing a platform to expose, attract, support and advance BIPOC owned SMEs. MatrixVentures enables companies to make real impact in representation, innovation, and sustainability.

MatrixVentures benefits:

  • Build, manage and implement actionable strategies to centralize an economic hub for BIPOC SMEs in Canada specific to the CRED industry.
  • Further expand representation of BIPOC owned SMEs in the CRED industry through the lens of intersectionality
  • Increase ability of the CRED industry to attract diverse customer and tenant bases through intentional representation in supply chains, positively affecting profits, brand and reputation.
  • Create a robust supply chain by identifying a significant range of qualified BIPOC suppliers and reducing the risks associated with streamlined supplier pipelines.
  • Expand new business markets to support local and national economic development while having beneficial effect on innovation and the future of work.

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