Personal Mission

“I am my own competition – and what I mean by that is that I want to stand out as an individual in a progressive and positive way.”

Micheline is focused on building a platform that will inspire and educate people who are likeminded.  This is the thread that connects her to the Matrix mission. Micheline looks to raise the bar. She is a passionate, high-energy individual dedicated to genuine connections to all people.

As a member of the Matrix Mission

“It’s largely to do with connecting the best of the best with the best; with a progressive platform that encourages not only diversity but a commitment to excellence in all things we do.”

Micheline’s inspiration is fueled from her passion to build and create. She brings an ambassador presence, an inspirational leadership mentality and a smile that is positively contagious. Her alignment in core values for diversity complements Matrix.

For Micheline, finding a match with like-minded individuals who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk is essential and directly aligns with Matrix’s vision to represent the best.

Impact on the World

“I am an Ambassador of life. I genuinely embody and believe in what I do, and bring that energy to the table, with everything I seek to accomplish.”

Micheline’s energy is certainly memorable, and she hopes to leave behind a positive, lasting impact – through inspiration.