Personal Mission

“I’m not beautiful like you, I am beautiful like me; and my version of beautiful is very necessary in this world.”

Delofante goes on to say that “I will not bruise myself trying to fit into the box you create for me; my world doesn’t rely on boxes to flourish,” and applies that approach to her personal and professional life.

As a member of the Matrix Mission

“Your vision, gifts and goals are unique to you and should not be intended to mirror anyone else’s; they are your power, they are your legacy.”

Delofante believes that this is also the effect diversity has in the world; it is the sparkle that really makes life luminous. She is passionate about eliminating the barriers that inhibit diverse environments through learning and development practices.

Delofante considers herself an EmpowerMentor. She strives to help individuals understand their value; the necessity of their contributions are and to how to appreciate themselves through all stages of their journey. She encourages this growth through continuous learning tools and while addressing influences which affect our personal and professional development.

Impact on the World

“We are all powerful beings and mastering your power begins and ends with you; your thoughts, your words, your voice, your actions. Inevitably, your experiences will be dependent on what you choose to do with your power.”

She believes that you are here on purpose; therefore, your unique contribution to this world must be naturally intentional. “We need you, your ideas, your input, your gifts. We depend on them; we depend on you.” She encourages others to challenge the constant desire to “fit in” so they are able to truly reveal the importance of their originality and value their authenticity.