Personal Mission

“I am driven by long-term purpose and love being a part of contributing to a greater good.”

Always seeking continuous improvement and new achievements guides David in his path. He is proud of his ability to understand people, and places high value on human experience and interaction.

As a member of the Matrix Mission

“The Matrix mission allows me to take on new challenges to improve the status quo, for a better future, one thing at a time.”

The theme “It’s about the people” resonates with David, as the Matrix platform highlights how it is possible to work with a vast network in Real Estate to bring about gradual, positive change. David brings a meticulous attention to detail, a polished approach, and a yearning for continuous improvement to contribute to support Matrix’s talent recruitment efforts.

For David, passion and integrity go a long way. These are things he seeks in business partnerships, and he also believes strongly in the importance of two-way communication.

Impact on the World

“Collaboration is important to me because I recognize that I alone cannot pull all the strings, but I can be the one that pulls at least the first one.”

David’s goal is to be memorable in the collaborative efforts he embarks on, to have been always working on creating good, for people.