Personal Mission

“I want to be one of the catalysts for change. I believe I am one of the voices for Diversity in Corporate Canada.”

Purpose that is clear and defined is the key for the foundation of Matrix360. As talent experts in the real estate industry, Chandran has positioned his team to deliver the best service that is connected to partnerships with businesses.

As a member of the Matrix Mission

“To create accessibility to opportunity for all, and encourage an open thought process that effectively puts the heart back into business.”

Working cohesively is an instrumental part of the Matrix approach, internally and externally. A mindset of, “How do we add value on a broader perspective that connects business to the community?” allows Chandran and his team to reach higher and explore new avenues to advance Corporate Canada.

For Chandran, building the Matrix brand goes hand in hand with working with people who care, who want to grow, and leave a positive impact on their community. He is well respected in the industry and is happy to share his expertise and inquisitive mind to find unique solutions to problems.

Impact on the World

“My goal is to be known as one of the few who put heart back into business – conducting business through caring, combining emotional intelligence with capital intelligence – and empowering others to do the same.”

Allowing for an adaptability to change while holding steadfast in core values, this is the Matrix way. Chandran firmly believes that the impact of this mission will leave behind a lasting, positive change that will empower collaboration with a variety of people who share in the desire to see a better world.

The Matrix Roots and Team

“We are diversity.  I was inspired by women and men from diverse backgrounds.  People share their stories with me and I want to capture the essence of their stories for the progress of business.  There are lessons learnt with every breath we take, it’s the recognition of these lessons that will lead us to success.  We all are able to achieve, only when there is access to opportunity. There isn’t a separation of personal and professional; it is all one.”

The Matrix brand is an extension of Chandran’s core principles and drive.  The internal partnerships within his team allow Matrix to challenge and innovate a platform for the advancement of emerging leaders, women, and diversity groups in Canada. The Matrix team is diverse and unique. Each member contributes an intellect, passion and focus that inject the care back into business.