Recruitment: No matter what your perception is; we at Matrix360 are here to break down why traditional recruitment has lost its focus. We know why recruitment needs to put focus back on talent connectivity and what makes Matrix Search a partner and influencer of change to recruitment.

We are people – not numbers

Sad but true, when people think about recruitment, most people have a very black and white view usually based around negative experiences. Many people have been stung by an impersonal rushed interview where you become a number and if your credentials tick enough boxes you will be farmed out to fill a recruiter’s bottom line. It needs to stop.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

When did recruitment become so transactional? When did people turn into numbers as the bottom line? Focus needs to be brought back onto how recruitment is a process to connect talent with businesses and businesses to talent.

Connecting with people drives better results

People are the cornerstones that shape, create and influence the current state of the world. Here at Matrix360, our people are involved in being partners and influencers of change. We are people for people; for it is not about the transaction but the connectivity. If recruitment in Canada continues to avoid the focus on connectivity and the value of talent and its influence, the Canadian workplace will be impacted negatively. Understanding the impact is essential to predict the connection.. A better connection drives better short term and long term results for businesses. We at Matrix Search, truly believe that it is not about the job search, we are about talent connectivity we connect talent to businesses and businesses to talent. It is not about the transaction of getting someone a job, it’s about the connectivity of understanding people to influence and manage their careers and businesses.

Connecting businesses to untapped resources

Woman and young leaders bring a wealth of skills and knowledge to the Canadian economy – yet they are poorly under-represented at the boardroom table. We all know young, enthusiastic, educated, forward thinking people who want to break boundaries in businesses, but whose talents are not being utilized. In addition, we all have strong intelligent, educated women who are great influencers in our beings, but their influence has not been invited to the boardroom table. In Canada, the numbers are far below the compass of fairness: 5.1% at the C-level and 35.7% at the management level. The lack of influence by women in the Canadian economy is under-represented and needs to be addressed. We need to tap into this powerful resource- talented women.


Canadian Women in Business

The current metamorphosis of business is changing the face of recruitment and Matrix Search is at the forefront as a partner of awareness and change in Canadian Real Estate boardrooms. More conversations are needed to create and educate everyone; it is essential that recruitment firms recognize the value and importance of women and spotlight their talent. We encourage businesses to recognize inclusive strategies and our statistics represent the impact this connectivity has accomplished.

2013Success Stories at Matrix Search

  • 65% of placements were Women
  • 42% of our placements are Developing Leaders (under the age of 35 years old).
  • 55% of our placements are Management Level

Final Thoughts

At Matrix Search we are connectivity. As recruitment experts in the Canadian Real Estate industry, we are proud on being influencers of change over the last 14 years. We continue to build and harness our industry partnerships, our Canadian talent for businesses and that we are key instruments for fairness in business. When recruitment is connected to the core essence of talent, businesses will succeed. People create businesses, and successful businesses happen when there is an inclusive acceptance of women and young leaders at the boardroom table. Recruitment needs to focus on talent that will continue to influence and educate fairness in business practice.

Matrix360: Talent Connectivity.