On May 06th 2015, Matrix Search partnered with Toronto CREW to showcase one of Canada’s most influential people, Barb Stegemann. The audience was composed of seasoned professionals, emerging leaders from all segments of commercial real estate who gathered at Steelcase Canada’s office in downtown Toronto.  The key message focused on the importance of collaboration between women and men working together to inspire and empower each other in an effort to bring to the forefront the change-makers we need.

Barb, is a true authentic thought leader who is able to connect the heart with the mind.  She truly lives and shares her 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen, where she inspires us to tap into our beings for positive growth. Toronto CREW members were treated to wisdom and lessons from a woman who truly gets it. Barb’s sense of commitment to human progression and empowerment was felt throughout her conversation with the audience.  Many women and men were able to connect with her words and experiences.  We laughed, shed a few tears and were moved by her inspiration-for her message transcends gender lines.  
In relation to corporate real estate, Barb encouraged women in commercial real estate to assist and inspire other women especially since commercial real estate, like many industries are male dominated.  Women need to extend a hand to other women- work together and educate the value of positivity with each other.  “Take risks- work, laugh, encourage and educate together.”
Barb is a strong advocate that determination, perseverance, research and collaboration are the keys to any successful relationships.  Barb encourages men and women to collaborate and work more together for true progressive change.  She further highlighted that women need to be involved at all levels of government, corporations and communities.  Women need to continue to educate their minds and share their intelligence and gifts with everyone, and not just with other women. For true progress to occur there needs to be a significant increase in women leadership.  She highlighted the value of Rwanda’s social, economic and political progression because more women are active leaders and are involved as they build the country together with men. 
In summary, Barb’s conversation with Toronto CREW was simple, real and authentic. Women leadership is integral to the success of society and its people.  Women and men need to embrace a vision that is progressive and inclusive for all and not a few.  True collaboration is not about words, it is about action. It is correct: women need to lean-in, raise their hands, extend their hands to other women but more importantly it is imperative that men need to encourage, promote and embrace women leadership.  For true leadership is the embracing of The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen at all levels of our social, religious, spiritual, economic and political platforms that we call LIFE.  Let’s keep the conversation moving forward, for inclusive change is inevitable.  Let’s continue to Inspire to Educate.